What does FCOM forward?

FCOM forwards the following types of network messages:

  • All private messages (PMs), including:
    • ATC "Please contact me on xxx.xx" messages (also known as a "Contactme" on VATSIM, or "Force Act" on IVAO)
    • Routine "30-minute" supervisor checks
    • Pre-departure clearances sent over PM (i.e. not via Hoppie)
  • On-frequency text messages sent over frequency that begin with your callsign


Can I send messages through the bot?

No. If you'd like to remotely send a network message, consider using remote desktop software.
Personally, I recommend Chrome Remote Desktop for its ease of setup, but any similar software (e.g. VNC, TeamViewer etc.) will work.

This is a commonly requested feature, so I might investigate the feasibility of such a feature in the future.


Is FCOM an official IVAO/VATSIM program?



Can I get into trouble for using FCOM, which is not "approved software"?

No. The FCOM client only listens to network traffic from an official client (e.g .vPilot, Euroscope etc.), so there is no way for either network to find out if you're using FCOM.


Can I leave my computer while logged in to IVAO/VATSIM for extended periods of time (e.g. beyond 30 minutes on VATSIM)?

What you do (or not do) is none of my business. However, FCOM does not exempt you from the IVAO R&R or VATSIM CoC. You are still responsible for all of your actions on either network. This includes responding to ATC and network supervisors.


As a staff member of IVAO/VATSIM, your app is letting my users break the rules. I demand that you take down this app immediately!

Look, users that will break the rules are already doing so using software that already exists. FCOM is merely another tool that users can use for any purpose. Frankly, it's not that much different from remote desktop software or wireless headphones, both of which already allow users to flaunt the rules as-is.

Where can I find the bot?

On the Discord server, at the very top of the users list on the right.


How do I get a Discord code?

Send a PM containing only one word, register, to the bot.


I'm on the #general channel on the Discord channel, and the register command isn't working.

This command only works in private messages (PM) with the bot. Please PM the bot to get a Discord code.


Do I have to be logged in through an official client?

Yes. FCOM piggybacks onto an existing IVAO/VATSIM connection, so you need to be logged into either network using an official client.


What network clients does FCOM support?

All of them! As long as it interacts with either network, it will support it. This includes all pilot/ATC clients past, present and future.

FCOM will only stop working if either network moves to a new protocol, which will be apparent when they drop support for older clients, such as FSInn and Squawkbox.


Will I still receive messages in my usual network client?



Can I be logged in to both networks at once?

Yes, but you must use the exact same callsign for both.


I entered the wrong callsign.

The client won't be able to forward any messages. To change your callsign, click on "Pause" in the FCOM client window, change your callsign, then click Register again.


I accidentally closed the client program. What should I do?

Just re-open the program as if you've never opened it before. You can use the status command with the Discord bot to see the Discord code again.


My Discord code isn't working.

Discord codes expire 5 minutes after generation if they're not entered into the client. They also expire 24 hours after being entered into the client. You can use the status command to check if it's still valid.

If not, simply generate a new one using the register bot command.


I'm not getting any mobile notifications.

The Discord app does not send mobile notifications when you're at your computer and logged in to the Discord desktop app. It will only do so after you've been away for a certain period of time.

However, messages will still be delivered to you. You just won't get a notification, and will have to open the app to find out if you've received a new message. You can change how long Discord waits under Settings > Notifications > Push Notification Timeout in the Discord app.

The minimum timeout you can set is 1 minute. Unfortunately, you cannot completely disable it.


The sim crashed I was using FCOM.

FCOM does not in any way interact with your sim or network client. If you encounter a crash, just leave the client program running, and it'll continue picking up your messages once you're logged back into VATSIM or IVAO with the same callsign.

If you're using a different callsign, change your callsign in the FCOM client window (keeping the same Discord code) and press Register.


The FCOM client crashes after I click "Start Forwarding", and I get a System.DllNotFoundException: Unable to load DLL 'wpcap' error inside log.txt.

Make sure WinPcap is installed prior to running FCOM. The installer can be found in the zip file downloaded.

After installing WinPcap, please restart the FCOM client.


The FCOM client crashes after I click "Start Forwarding". I get a System.IO.FileNotFoundException: 'Could not load file or assembly 'netstandard, Version=, Culture=neutral... error inside the console window, along with a "FcomClient has stopped working" popup window.

The FCOM client requires .NET Framework v4.7.1 or higher. Please download and install the latest version from here (click on "Download .NET Framework Runtime" under ".NET Framework" on the right). After installation, please restart the FCOM client.

Not sure which version you have installed? Download and run ASoft .NET Version Detector to find out.


I'm getting a FCOM_CLIENT_CRASH error, and a SharpPcap.PcapException: No interfaces found! error inside log.txt.

If you've already instaled WinPcap (as required by FCOM), this means that you didn't check "Automatically start the WinPcap driver at boot time".
Open Command Prompt as administrator (search for "cmd" in the Start Menu) by right-clicking and selecting "Run as administrator", and enter the following command:

net start npf

If you want to avoid having to do this every time before running FCOM, enter the following acommand, again in Command Prompt as administrator (this is in addition to the first command):

sc config npf start=auto

This command makes WinPcap run on system startup.


I'm getting weird stuff along with my forwarded messages in Discord.



This is background chatter between the VATSIM client and server. It is a known issue, and is currently being worked on.



Can FCOM see my network login/password?

Only if you decide to open the FCOM client and have it running before logging in. However, the client doesn't do anything with it, and doesn't forward it to the bot.

If you're extra paranoid and don't trust the posted source code, open the FCOM client only after logging in.


Can FCOM see my messages?

Yes, the bot needs to see the message in order to know what to send. However, message contents are immediately deleted from the server after forwarded via Discord. This should happen within seconds of message receipt.

Regardless, please don't send any sensitive information over IVAO or VATSIM, as the underlying network protocol is not encrypted.


Can FCOM see PMs sent to other users?



Can other users see my PMs if they enter my callsign in the FCOM client?

No. Providing the callsign allows FCOM to detect your messages among IVAO/VATSIM network traffic going in and out of your network client. The network servers do not send others' PMs to you in the first place, so even if you enter another person's callsign in the FCOM client, you won't receive their PMs.


Are forwarded messages encrypted?

Yes; however, the underlying protocol behind IVAO/VATSIM (including messages and logins) is not encrypted.

Please do not send any sensitive information over either network.


I heard that I have to install packet sniffers in order to use FCOM. Is this safe?

FCOM uses the WinPcap (or Npcap) library to detect network messages, as neither IVAO nor VATSIM provide a publicly-available interface (also known as an API) to do so. Both are open-souce libraries that facilitate packet capturing/sniffing by other programs, but don't do so on their own.

The FCOM client itself only listens to network traffic on TCP port 6809, the same port used by IVAO/VATSIM.
Links to the source code can be found on the homepage, under the "Free and open source" subheading.